Rashid Khan Charity for Afghanistan Earthquake. Hi everyone! As we all know afghanistan is facing a natural disaster and a lot of destruction has been seen this time in the country. ICC Tournament is on. The Afghanistan team also participated in the World Cup 2023 a generous act by Rashid Khan. Rashid Khan charity for earthquake. He announced that he would donate all the match fees for the victims of earthquake in Afghanistan.

A disastrous earthquake in Herat, Afghanistan with a magnitude of 6.3 resulted in the tragic loss of thousands of people, and destruction spread everywhere. The major impacts of the earthquake are on the Badghis and Farah provinces. More than 600 homes in 12 villages of Herat’s Zinda Jan and Ghoryan districts have burst. More than 4200 people have to leave their homes and they are in need of help.

The rescue teams are working in the country and they are searching the people who are lost under the buildings.

Rashid Khan Charity for Afghanistan Earthquake
Rashid Khan Charity for Afghanistan Earthquake

Rashid Khan Charity for Afghanistan Earthquake Details: 

In the current situation in Afghanistan, Rashid Khan the Afghan cricketer is currently playing in the ICC World Cup 2023 in India. Rashid Khan has announced that he will give all the match fees to the people who have suffered from the natural disaster. He did this act with generosity and compassion. The cricketer shared a post on Instagram and attached some of the heartwrenching pictures of the people. In the picture, there was a building that was affected by the earthquake. He shares his deep sympathy and commitment to making a difference.

He mentions “I have heard about the devastating consequences of the earthquake in the western provinces of Afghanistan (Herat, Farah, and Badghis), and it deeply saddens me.”

This act of Rashid Khan’s power of sports and how they are influencing the people. He shows a positive impact on the people. We are with our neighbors and also support our brother who is currently facing a natural disaster. He also announced a campaign for fundraising and looked for people. The people who could provide support to all those people who are in need of support during the crisis.


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