Hi everyone! Are you looking for more latest updates about ICC World Cup 2023? As the days pass more interesting information about the tournament is announced. Now today they have announced the ICC announce prize money for World Cup 2023. Let’s have a look at the article and find the complete information about the ICC World Cup 2023. If you are a cricket fan then you must be waiting for the tournament. Read the article and tell us which team you are supporting and from which country you are.

ICC announce prize money for World Cup 2023
ICC announce prize money for World Cup 2023

ICC announce prize money for World Cup 2023 today. All the teams have announced their 15-player squad for the tournament and they also have announced the schedule and venue for the tournament. Most of the teams are now in India and they have managed their warm-up matches in India. The practice session is on hipe and all the teams want to make sure that they are fully ready for the biggest journey of the tournament and that they will win. Today a big highlight about the ICC World Cup 2023 is that the ICC announce prize money for World Cup 2023.

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ICC announce prize money for World Cup 2023 Details:

The International Cricket Board has announced the prize money for the upcoming World Cup 2023. The event is going to start on October 5. A big prize of USD 10 Million is set aside for the World Cup and the winning team will get 40% of the total amount.

The winning team of the World Cup 2023 will get a handsome cheque of USD 4 Million. The runner-up team is also eligible for the big prize and they will get a USD 2 Million. The total amount is 10 USD million.

There will be two semifinals of the tournament and the two teams who lose the semi-final are eligible for the sum of USD 80,000 each and both teams will get a USD 1,500,00.

There is also another plan that ICC has announced. All the 10 participating teams are also eligible for the USD 40,000. The teams will get this amount after winning every group stage match.

The ICC World Cup 2023 is going to start in a few days from only. All the teams are ready for the big tournament. The first match of the tournament is between England and New Zealand.

There will be a battle of 48 games between the 10 teams and the tournament will start on October 5 and will end on 19 November. The group stage matches will end on November 12 and after this, the semi-finals are scheduled The two semi-finals are on 15 and 16 November. After a two-day gap on November 19, there will be a final.

Prize Money for ICC World Cup: 

StageTeamsMoney (USD)Total Money (USD)
Losing Semi-Finalists02800,0001,600,000
Teams eliminated after the group stage06100,000600,000
Winner of each group stage match4540,0001,800,000

Teams in ICC World Cup:

There are 10 teams that are going to take part in the tournament. Some of the big names in these teams are as:

Australia, England, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, New Zealand, South Africa, Netherlands.

So that’s all about ICC announce prize money for World Cup 2023. Share the article with your fellows so they can also enjoy the highlights of the tournament.


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