3 Unwanted Records Set by Pakistan ODI World Cup In 2023. Pakistan team performance in the World Cup 2023. Pakistan after the consecutive losses in the 2023 world. On Friday when they played the match against South Africa in Chennai lost the match by one wicket.

The recent loss of Pakistan team lost their qualifier for the semi-final of the tournament. Now to qualify for the semi-final there are a number of scenarios in the next round.

Pakistan’s performance in the big event is highly disappointing. They have lost four matches in the tournament for the first time and set some embarrassing records.

3 Unwanted Records Set by Pakistan ODI World Cup In 2023:

So the four records that Pakistan has set in this World Cup are as follows:

Failed to defend 270+ runs twice

From 1975 to 2019, Pakistan has shown a great performance in the match and made sure that they qualified for the semi-final of the tournament. But this time they are unable to defend a target of 270+ runs. Pakistan easily chases the target of 270+ runs.

In the 2023 World Cup, the Pakistan team is struggling to qualify for the semi-final but they are unable to win the match. Pakistan is unable to chase the 270 runs on more than two occasions. They managed to score 282 against Afghanistan and they chased the target easily. South African team also chased the target easily and won the game on the last wickets.

First-ever defeat against Afghanistan

Before the World Cup 2023, Pakistan had a perfect record against Afghanistan as Afghanistan was unable to win any of the matches against Pakistan.

The team Afghanistan for the first time able to get victory against Pakistan on the biggest stage. This is painful for the team Pakistan as this defeat against Afghanistan makes it impossible for Pakistan to qualify for the semi-final. Pakistan is a favourite team to win and experts mentioned that the team is unpredictable and may make a comeback.

Four consecutive defeats in World Cup

In the history of the Pakistan Cricket team, they never lost consecutive four matches in any of the tournaments from 1975 to 2019. But this time in 2023 Pakistan made a different upset in the tournament as they only got two back-to-back victories against the Netherlands and Sri Lanka.

Pakistan faced a string of four consecutive losses, falling to India, Australia, Afghanistan, and South Africa. Notably, their defeat against South Africa won the match against Pakistan for the first time in the ODI World Cup since 1991. Now the green shirts have to win all the remaining matches against all the teams so they can qualify for the semi-final.

So all these 3 Unwanted Records Set by Pakistan ODI World Cup In 2023. We are hoping for the best from the team as they can win all the three matches against other teams and they can qualify for the semi final of the tournament.

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